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Ladies Tops / Fatua

Ladies Tops / Fatua
Brand: Anjans
Navy blue color printed dhupian silk ladies Fatua..
Tk 2,319.85
Ex Tax:Tk 2,158.00
Brand: Anjans
Magenta color printed linen cotton ladies Fatua..
Tk 1,450.18
Ex Tax:Tk 1,349.00
Brand: Anjans
Multicolor printed cotton ladies Fatua..
Tk 1,974.78
Ex Tax:Tk 1,837.00
Brand: Anjans
Multicolor printed blue cotton ladies Fatua..
Tk 1,989.83
Ex Tax:Tk 1,851.00
Brand: Anjans
Light olive color printed jacquard design cotton ladies ...
Tk 3,870.00
Ex Tax:Tk 3,600.00
Brand: Anjans
White printed cotton ladies Fatua..
Tk 3,225.00
Ex Tax:Tk 3,000.00
Black color embroidered georgette ladies Tops..
Tk 2,994.95
Ex Tax:Tk 2,786.00
Brand: Anjans
Golden olive color jacquard design cotton ladies Fatua..
Tk 2,380.05
Ex Tax:Tk 2,214.00
Brand: Anjans
Brown colour jacquard design cotton printed Ladies Fatua..
Tk 2,089.80
Ex Tax:Tk 1,944.00
Brand: Anjans
Black colour printed cotton Ladies Fatua..
Tk 1,880.18
Ex Tax:Tk 1,749.00
Brand: Anjans
Basanti colour printed cotton ladies Fatua..
Tk 2,419.83
Ex Tax:Tk 2,251.00
Brand: Anjans
Coffee colour embroidered cotton Ladies Fatua..
Tk 1,919.95
Ex Tax:Tk 1,786.00
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