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Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez
Brand: Anjans
Mint green colour hand embroidered & printed cotton Kameez, sky blue colour Salowar & mint green colour printed cotton Orna..
Tk 3,214.25
Ex Tax:Tk 2,990.00
Brand: Anjans
Brown colour linen cotton embroidered & printed Kameez, orange colour linen cotton Salowar & orange colour linen cotton printed Orna..
Tk 4,402.13
Ex Tax:Tk 4,095.00
Brand: Anjans
Brown colour cotton hand embroidered Kameez, yellow colour cotton Salowar & yellow colour printed cotton Orna..
Tk 3,757.13
Ex Tax:Tk 3,495.00
Brand: Anjans
White & blue colour printed cotton Kameez, blue colour cotton Salowar & white colour printed cotton Orna..
Tk 2,999.25
Ex Tax:Tk 2,790.00
Brand: Anjans
Light Orange colour Linen cotton embroidered kameez,  multi colour stripe  linen cotton salowar and multi color stripe light orange  linen cotton orna..
Tk 4,289.25
Ex Tax:Tk 3,990.00
Brand: Anjans
Green shade  Linen cotton with red color embroidered and printed kameez, maroon shade  linen cotton salowar and maroon shade & red  colour linen cotton orna..
Tk 4,517.15
Ex Tax:Tk 4,202.00
Brand: Anjans
Pest colour cotton Print and embroidered Kameez, Bottle green colour cotton salowar and deep pest colour cotton printed orna...
Tk 3,601.25
Ex Tax:Tk 3,350.00
Brand: Anjans
Pink colour cotton embroidered  Kameez, Magenta colour cotton Salowar and pink colour georgette Orna...
Tk 5,041.75
Ex Tax:Tk 4,690.00
Brand: Anjans
Light pink colour cotton embroidered Kameez, violet colour linen cotton salowar and pink colour georgette printed orna...
Tk 4,138.75
Ex Tax:Tk 3,850.00
Brand: Anjans
Biscuit colour glossy mixed cotton embroidered Kameez, biscuit colour linen cotton salowar and linen orna...
Tk 7,503.50
Ex Tax:Tk 6,980.00
Brand: Anjans
Off white and olive green colour glossy mixed cotton embroidered Kameez, olive green colour andi cotton salowar and olive green stripe orna...
Tk 6,288.75
Ex Tax:Tk 5,850.00
Brand: Anjans
Orange colour weaving design cotton embroidered Kameez, orange  colour cotton salowar and orange colour cotton orna..
Tk 3,493.75
Ex Tax:Tk 3,250.00
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